Illini basketball

Pictures & captions – Yale

A possibly exhausted Malcolm Hill had a shitty night, but still wound up with 20 points and 7 assists.

Hill missed 6-of-7 attempts from deep. Two of his inside attempts were highlight-reel rejected. The one three he did make hit the front of the rim, and bounced over. “Oh fuck!” he yelled as he released the front end of two free-throws. The ball traveled about 14 1/2 feet, enough to graze the rim.

Malcolm played 35 minutes. One of his rare breathers was interrupted, in the first half, when Kendrick Nunn committed his second foul. Malcolm had to run to the far end to take over.

Finals begin this week. The team now mimics football’s disturbing policy of spending the night before home games in a hotel (because we can’t trust you, student-athlete). And Malcolm, the lone rotation fixture to remain injury-free (fingers crossed) continues to play four positions, often during a single game.

This is your December 10 nutshell.