Illini football

Vashoune Russell’s pictures from Illini season finale at Northwestern

I signed up to attend this game. I hoped to see the seniors out.

Unfortunately, we had a family emergency. So I spent the last week hanging out in Jamaica, and not the nice one. Walking around Donald Trump’s childhood turf, I was reminded once more that Illinois weather sucks.

For some reason, autumn lasts a lot longer out there. Like, right up until the end of autumn. Now that I’m back in frigid, gray Soybeanland, I finally have the time to post Vashoune Russell’s truly fantastic pictures from the Northwestern game.

Here they are.

Malik Turner hauls in a touchdown pass from Wes Lunt
Northwestern defenders tackle Malik Turner after a pass from Wes Lunt
Malik Turner
Carroll Phillips
Reggie Corbin runs toward the hole
Reggie Corbin evades an arm tackle
Gimel President celebrates a sack
Gimel President gets ANOTHER sack
Gimel President just has this thing about quarterbacks. They make him angry.
Zack Grant’s three yards and a cloud of dust
Justin Hardee strongly recommends sticky gloves
Reggie Corbin waits for Nick Allegretti to clock DB Trae Williams
Tanning in November is like Illinois winning at football – rare